What is waffles 1

Waffle (from German Waffel) is a kind of thin dry biscuits with an imprint on the surface. It is baked from whipped batter in special forms. The dough consists of flour, eggs, sugar and cream.

Waffles got their name from the Middle Low German word “wâfel”. The Danish form “wafel” in the 18th century changed into waffle [1] and in this form entered the Russian language.

Pieces of waffles are often greased with cream among themselves. Ice cream or berries can be used. For the layer, fat, fruit and berry, praline, fondant and other fillings are used. Can be used as a base for other confectionery products (cakes, pastries). For these purposes, wafer products are made in the form of sheets, cakes, cups, tubes, cones.

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